Erick Jimenez Massage and Bodywork

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324 Madson Pl suite 150, Davis, California,ca


Massage Therapy


Medical/Sport/Deep Tissue

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:$101

Medical/Sport/Deep Tissue

. Duration:45 mins·. Price:$86

Medical/Sport/Deep Tissue

. Duration:30 mins·. Price:$66


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111 reviews
  • Kelly·

    His expert massage therapy saved me when I was in a great deal of pain. I’m so grateful.

  • Diane Steele·

    I had another wonderful massage today that took care of a painful "tweak" that had been bothering me. Thanks Erick!

  • Sallie·

    Erick has kept me functioning for almost 10 years! His deep tissue massage every two weeks has been a life saver.

  • David·

    Great work as always. Thank you Erick!

  • Diane Steele·

    My husband was feeling a little "down" yesterday after some inner-ear surgery so I made him a massage appointment with Erick. He was worlds better afterward! I knew it would help :-)

  • Jen S·

    This was a great help for rotator issues!

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